Kristin & Jeff's Wedding

“What are you doing on Christmas Eve?” “I’m going to a wedding!”

I got some pretty funny responses to the idea of someone getting married on Christmas Eve, but when you’re a school teacher and you want to go on your honeymoon for a month in summer, it’s actually the perfect time! And so Kristin and Jeff got hitched at the beautiful Glenrock State Conservation Area at Merewether on a hot December day. I’ve been friends with Kristin all my life, so I was honoured when they asked if I could be a part of their big day as their photographer.

These guys share a love of renovating, they probably own a few shares in Bunnings by now. So it was very fitting when Jeff brought along some reno props to their engagement shoot.

They had been hoping to have their home (and latest reno project) at the point where all the girls could get ready there, so their time had been split between work, renos and wedding planning. Because, hey, why lead a boring life am I right?! The house was looking amazing, and as it was a morning wedding, everyone was up bright and early preparing for the day. The weather was hot but beautiful and perfect for a morning wedding overlooking the ocean. Despite a small hitch involving some wind and a wayward arbor, it was a picture-perfect ceremony with blue skies and the backdrop of Newcastle’s perfect coastline.

Glenrock is the perfect spot for photos, between the view and the gorgeous bush path that leads to it. We even had a steady stream of surfers and tourists heading to the water and enjoying the view with us. We spent some time making our way from there over to Newcastle East, which I also love for its urban character and mix of new and historical architecture. Having grown up in Newcastle I find that people sometimes forget how lovely this area is, we wandered through the streets stopping to shoot as we made our way to the lunch reception at Paymasters.

It was a relief to get out of the heat, and it didn’t take long for the groom to shed his jacket, and the bride to change into her much cooler leaving dress. But once the delicious food, drinks and speeches started flowing the heat was forgotten, with the welcome breeze on the balcony overlooking the harbour and the cool change that came in the afternoon.

Congratulations you guys, may your married life be full of love, laughter and drywall…I’ll probably see you at Bunnings soon! x


Jourdan & David


Newcastle, NSW Australia

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